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The Zamboanga City Medical Center has three core strategies in health service delivery in which provide promotion of health development. These are trainings, researches and hospital tertiary services. The continual improvement relies on the quality of training and hospital service in which proactively feedbacks and could be topics of research. In turn, results of the research will be used for the modifications and strengthening of health development in the hospital and of the region.

Furthermore, without exposure to research in their medical training, physicians may be generally under prepared to efficiently and effectively apply research and evidence based medical information in their patient care. Thus research as core process of the hospital seeks to provide basic research competencies for residents in training by inculcating them basic knowledge on methods, measurements, interpretation and critical appraisal of medical articles which in turn will be applied by them in their usual patient care setting.

Dr. Evangelista St., Sta. Catalina
Zamboanga City
Zamboanga del Sur

(062) 991-0573; (062) 991-2934



Office of the Medical Center Chief
Ong, Romeo Arquiza – Medical Center Chief II
Office of the Chief of Medical Professional Staff
Abubakar, Soraya Pesy – Chief of Medical Professional Staff
Anesthesia Department
Burigsay, Richard Nazario – Medical Specialist IV
Cuevas, Ma. Cristina Ragus – Medical Specialist III
Loong, Titina Faraown – Medical Specialist II
Morados, Maria Cristina Natividad – Medical Specialist II
Aminulla, Zaida Kalim – Medical Specialist II
Bazan, Jaybee Dagalea – Medical Specialist II
Go, Jayson Chiong – Medical Specialist II
Item, Glen Rous – Medical Officer IV
Tañedo, Lanie Salma Rasul – Medical Officer IV
Mendizabel, Divine Grace Balogo – Medical Officer IV
Gonzales, Sherry Mae Famadico – Medical Officer IV
Lubguban, Eldonn Sacristan – Medical Officer IV
Tiblani, Miriam Elaine Atilano – Medical Officer IV
Peñaflor, Monicca Mae Que – Medical Officer IV
Torres, Pompeyo III Faculdad – Medical Officer IV
Abubakar, Ammenraja Putong – Medical Officer III
Apion, Fatima Nelsa Hamisan – Medical Officer III
Hamsirani, Roderick Manabat – Medical Officer III
Amin, Charmaine Armes – Medical Officer III
Kwan, Marian Jean Que – Medicl Officer III
Mutalip, Al-Amin Alih – Medical Officer III
Dental Unit
Malasig, Elpidio Lazaro – Dentist V
Sumbrana, Aurea Santos – Dentist III
Chua, Jimmy Yap – Dentist III
Ty, Maria Rhoda Nicart – Dentist II
Namsa, Jules-Ann Pacatang – SDentist II
Dialysis Unit
Abalon, Margarita Salazar – Medical Specialist III (Part Time)
Abutazil, Michael Ubeda – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Baddiri, Abubakar Tapsiril – Medical Officer IV
Ear, Nose and Throat
Ho, Jerome Royeca – Medical Specialist III
Dapit, Yasmin Covarrubias – Medical Specialist III (Part Time)
Tsang-Ramos, Emely Wee – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Israel, Nurhada Ammad – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Paber, Justin Elfred Lan Bello – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Ong, Mark Edward Viloria – Medical Officer III
Wee, Joni Anne Cheong – Medical Officer III
Family Medicine Department
Yahcob-Pingli, Aeesha Masuhud – Medical Specialist IV
Pondevida, Maria Louella Castillo – Medical Specialist III
De Leon, Janet Baking – Medical Officer IV
Iturralde, Frederick Caninit – Medical Officer IV
Espares, Nurijam Tindick – Medical Officer IV
Usman, Delma Tan – Medical Specialikst II
Tan, Andres Kim III Lao – Medical Officer III
Elang, Warith-Thia Muhajil – Medical Officer III
Tulawie, Hanady Usama – Medical Officer III
Yusop, Rizzalyn Abduraup – Medical Officer III
Mahing, Rufaida Adjul – Medical Officer III
Medina, Marcelino Gonzales – Medical Officer IV
Finance Office
Amilasan, Aneiza Jacaria – Medical Officer IV
Mancao, Marcus James Arquiza – Medical Officer IV
Sappayani-Imdani, Sitti Khadija Adjaluddin – Medical Officer IV
Emergency Doctors
Astih, Ervina Jalali – Medical Officer IV
Caguiat, Pilarica Isaguirre – Medical Officer IV
Daguio, Soledad Pamela Reasol – Medical Officer IV
Dammang, Ofelia Moreno – Medical Offcier IV
Ellong, Mirasol Sinangote – Medical Officer IV
Herrera, Suzeth Lu – Medical Officer IV
Kali, Evielyne Labbay – Medical Officer IV
Sahibul, Fatima Khadija Abtahi – Medical Officer IV
Dionio, Neilyn Tan – Medical Officer IV
Duhig-Evasco, Charisse Gordoncillo – Medical Officer IV
Igasan, Karna Kamlon – Medical Officer IV
Jumaani, Salip Nastra Aming – Medical Officer IV
Sala, Sebar Sajidin – Medical Officer IV
Maali, Yashier Piago – Medical Officer IV
Esplana, Christine Carmelle Montemor – Medical Officer IV
Internal Medicine Department
Cristobal, Bridget Ramos – Medical Specialist IV
Alfonso, May Cabahug – Medical Specialist III
Belleza, Linda Ann Dionisio – Medical Specialist III
Barrera, Jerome Rebollos – Medical Specialist III
Isnani, Sarah-Laida Jupli – Medical Officer IV
Valeros, Marichelle Haluag – Medical Officer IV
Tahil, Aiza-Meriam hasiman – Medical Officer IV
Yumol, Daniel Mark Dagapioso – Medical Officer IV
Pang, Alex Jr. Yongco – Medicao Officer IV
Laja, Nelson Abu – Medical Specialist II
Ulanghutan, Amelyn Sanaani – Medical Specialist II
Kalbi, Muktader Ajijul – MedicalSpecialist II
Siriban, Melchor Alan Lim – Medical Specialist II
Soriano, Lucilla Barrera – Medical Specialist II
Galo, Eric Villapaz – Medical Specialist II
Yap, Danny Jr. Fernandez – Medical Specialist II
Amil, Walid Ahmad – Medical Specialist II
Abdulaziz, Fathima Marwa Mahmud – Medical Officer III
Abubakar, Sitti Sophia Ramon – Medical Officer III
Amil, Sherwina Juhan – Medical Officer III
Aming-Sala, Rofaida Edding – Medical Officer III
Arrabaca, Roski Alexis Tomada – Medical Officer III
Cabato, Patricia Katherine Desiderio – Medical Officer III
Gonzales, Frederick Delgado – Medical Officer III
Ibrahim, Fatima AMina Hussin – Medical Officer III
Juhan, Abdelnasief Ahajan – Medical Officer III
Juljani, Sherwina Hajiri – Medical Officer III
Labbay, Sera Jane Jaide – Medical Officer III
Laurente, Rwidz Shan Que – Medical Officer III
Mala, Princess Jasmine Alongan – Medical Officer III
Mandangan, Shareefa-Huda Lee – Medical Officer III
Paber, Jerne Kaz Niels Bello – Medical Officer III
Rosario, Karen Lee Heyasa – Medical Officer III
Santos, Jeniifer Ho – Medical Officer III
Teus, Merry Ann Sabang – Medical Officer III
Laboratory Department
Angeles, Myrna Palahuddin – Medical Specialist IV
Abubakar, Al-Zamzam Aracama – Medical Specialist III
Bastero, Ferdauzia Elardo – Medical Officer IV
Trinchera, Shayne Clarissa Lagera – Medical Officer IV
Alvia, John Benedict Mercado – Medical Officer III
Bidaure, Clarinda Joy Villa – Medical Offcier III
Marquez, Joanna Melissa Francisco – Medical Officer III
Uro, Angelica Kue – Medical Officer III
Valmoria, Vandolf Paredes – Medical Officer III
Blood Bank Unit
Torregosa, Mary Ann Roleda – Medical Specialist III
Akalal, Agnes Sulay – Medical Officer IV
Cajeras, Nancita Neri – Medical Officer IV
OB-Gyne Department
Yu, Eugene Yu – Medical Specialist III
Gonzales, Ma. Gay Manuel – Medical Specialist III
Uy, Ruvelinda Grace Alfaro – Medical Specialist III
Granaderos-Natividad, Glenda Catacata – Medical Specialist II
Araneta, Jennifer Doroja – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Alihuddin, Jehada-Inn Misuari – Medical Officer IV
Sollano, Gilvie Salomon – Medical Officer IV
Acosta, Gemma Monteclaro – Medical Officer III
Alamia, Evelyn Lakibul – Medical Officer III
Asio, Jackielou Sandigan – Medical Officer III
Dantes, Benazer Iraham – Medical Officer III
Hassan, Nurbiya Hasim – Medical Officer III
Hayre, Rehab Kadil – Medical Officer III
Lakibul, Shalimar Jane Isahac – Medical Officer III
Latif, Bersalyn Sabtal – Medical Officer III
Reluya, Felicita Sampul – Medical Officer III
Sew, Sherryl Anne Macrohon – Medical Officer III
Tan, Suzanne Keh – Medical Specialist II
Opthalmology Department
Lorenzo, Perlas Kintanar – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Sarau, Francis Kwan – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Usman, Rey Christopher Yeo – Medical Officer IV
Abutazil, Mohammmad Angsa – Medical Officer IV
Madrazo, Oswald Fritz Von De Guzman – Medical Officer III
Orthopedics Department
Rojo, George Chiong – Medical Specialst III
Fernandez, Abelardo II Medalle – Medical Officer III
Paber, John Lorne Bello – Medical Officer III
Alvia, Espiridion Jr. Salomon – Medical Officer III
Out-Patient Department
Tan, Nida Casco – Medical Specialist IV
Concepcion, Ma. Fatima Cubas – Medical Officer IV
Infection Prevention and Control Committee
Felisario, Maribel Ora – Medical Specialist III
Pediatrics Department
Masilungan, Cesar Jeffrey Gaona – Medical Specialist IV
Dalisay, Crispin De Leon Jr. – Medical Specialist III
Johan, Yolanda Balbin – Medical Specialist III (Part Time)
Concepcion, Pascualito Ibañez – Medical Specialist II
Almonte, Cielito Sanchez – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Daria, Vida Trota – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Engracia, Ana Lorna Araneta – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Macrohon, Bernadette Chua – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Manuel, Roselle Hebron – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Pichel, James Robertson Chua – Medical Specialsit II (Part Time)
Sahi, Lieza Gonzaga – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Uy, Lottie Andales – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Cuevas, John Paul Tan – Medical Officer IV
Marah, Dendrazier Karil – Medical Officer IV
Abdurajan, Shalima Salih – Medical Officer III
Abilla, Sweeny Anne Trapa – Medical Officer III
Araojo, Kristina Karylle Sudly – Medical Officer III
Aunal, Rhufaida Aunal – Medical Officer III
Chio-Balatbat, Katherine Garcia – Medical Officer III
Cordero, Jerillie Anne Felipe – Medical oFficer III
Legano, Stephanie Joy Congowan – Medical Officer III
Mallari, Irene Balenton – Medical Officer III
Mohamad, Midzraina Lyne Ajula – Medical Officer III
Saltoc, Ma. Rhenieleene Rivera – Medical Officer III
Professional Education Training and Research Office
Estrella, Leila Nelia Lopez – Medical Specialist IV
Jalani, Norvie Taruc – Medical Specialist II
Public Health Unit
Kunting, Afdal Barreto – Medical Specialist III
Psychiatry Department
Hermino, Castro Jr. Pereyra – Medical Specialist IV
Abutazil, Nahda Ahmad – Medical Specialsit III
Castillo, Dreiza Hakim – Medical Officer IV
Paber, Nadia Mariñas – Medeical Specialist II
Aduviso, Sheila May Durano – Medical Officer III
Mukaram, Sherhalyn Addalino – Medical Officer III
Jumaani, Raiza Rasul – Medical Officer III
Calisang, Van Samuel Fernandez – Medical Officer III
Radiology Department
Nagal, Denis Zaragoza – Medical Specialist IV
Lao, Michael Paluga – Medical Specialist III
Abellana, Pamela Poderanan – Medical Officer III
Suarez, Leonard Joseph Agulo – Medical Officer III
Fabian-Vecina, Caroline Calumba – Medical Officer III
Fortunata, Venus Serafin – Meical Officer III
Obaidy, Sheryl Sabran – Medical Officer III
Gregorio, Elgie Jalon Francisco – Medical Officer III
Rehabilitation Medicine Department
Suarez, Lorelei Lim – Medical Specialist III (Part Time)
Izquierdo, Pretzy Rasul – Medical Specialst II (Part Time)
Surgery Department
Cerrillo, Alex Escolastico Lagon – Medical Specialist IV
Igasan, Ahmed Khayser Bangahan – Medical Specialist III
Buac, Pavio Lagora – Medical Specialist III
Gimena, Giovanni Paolo Cantiller – Medical Specialist III
Alawaddin, Anam Inani – Medical Specialist III (Part Time)
Macrohon-Sese, Joji Claveria – Medical Specialist III (Part Time)
Ynawat-Abdulmajid, Farahnaz Abubakar – Medical Officer IV
Cabangal, Charlie Magne Djaliul – Medical Officer IV
Mutalip, Al-Naseer Alih – Medical Offcier IV
Jamalul, Marunsal Buran – Medical Specialist II
Unnoh, Alyashier Hajail – Medical Specialist II
Jamiri, Al-Radjid Jamahari – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Ratag, Henry Limen – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Akalal, Ferdauzi Igasan – Medical Specialist II (Part Time)
Lluisma, Leigh Arouet Salvacion – Medical Officer III
Lee, Oliver Diman – Medical Officer III
Cuevas, Jose Rufino Targa – Medical Officer III
Hamis, Mur-Jhan Bangahan – Medical Officer III
Jaji, Al-Gazier Jupakkal – Medical Offcier III
Hassan, Ibrahim Jr. Hashim – Medical Officer III
Balagot, Rouella Avena – Medical Officer III
Limbaga, Marty Tangco – Medical Officer III
Ahaja, Norodon Kong – Medical Officer III
Kho, Fatima Zahra Tan – Medical Officer III
Tan, Ivan Burke Miranda – Medical Officer III
Solis, Dawn Michael Manlusoc – Medical Officer III

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