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RMN Network or Radio Mindanao Network is considered the largest radio network in the Philippines, having more than 60 company-owned AM & FM radio stations strategically located across the country. It’s first radio station, DXCC, was established is Cagayan de Oro – a city in Northern Mindanao – in August 1952.

The company’s main office today is located at 4th Floor State Condominium I Bldg, Salcedo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Key Personalities

Henry Canoy (Founder)
Eric S. Canoy (President and Chairman)
Enrico Guido O. Canoy (VP for Operations)
Jaime A. Puno (President, RMN-MMV)
Maria Clara S. Canoy (Member, Board of Directors)
Ike S. Canoy (Member, Board of Directors)
Carlos S. Canoy (Member, Board of Directors)
Florante A. Aseron (Member, Board of Directors)
Diosdado B. Marasigan (Member, Board of Directors)
Atty. Marietta E. Nieto (Corporate Secretary)

List of AM stations

BrandingCallsignFrequencyPower kW (ERP)Location
DZXL RMN Manila 558DZXL558 kHz40 kWMega Manila
DWNX RMN Naga 1611DWNX1611 kHz5 kWNaga
DYKR RMN Kalibo 1161DYKR1161 kHz5 kWKalibo
DYVR RMN Roxas 657DYVR657 kHz5 kWRoxas
DYRI RMN Iloilo 774DYRI774 kHz10 kWIloilo
DYHB RMN Bacolod 747DYHB747 kHz10 kWBacolod
DYHP RMN Cebu 612DYHP612 kHz10 kWCebu
DXCC RMN Cagayan De Oro 828DXCC828 kHz10 kWCagayan De Oro
DXRZ RMN Zamboanga 900DXRZ900 kHz10 kWZamboanga
DXDR RMN Dipolog 981DXDR981 kHz10 kWDipolog
DXPR RMN Pagadian 603DXPR603 kHz5 kWPagadian
DXMB RMN Malaybalay 648DXMB648 kHz5 kWMalaybalay
DXIC RMN Iligan 711DXIC711 kHz6 kWIligan
DXDC RMN Davao 621DXDC621 kHz10 kWDavao
DXMD RMN General Santos 927DXMD927 kHz10 kWGeneral Santos
DXKR RMN Koronadal 639DXKR639 kHz5 kWKoronadal
DXBC RMN Butuan 693DXBC693 kHz10 kWButuan
DXRS RMN Surigao 918DXRS918 kHz5 kWSurigao
DXMY RMN Cotabato 729DXMY729 kHz5 kWCotabato

List of FM stations

BrandingCallsignFrequencyPower (kW)Location
93.9 iFM ManilaDWKC-FM93.9 MHz35 kWMega Manila
103.9 iFM BaguioDWHB-FM103.9 MHz10 kWBaguio
99.5 iFM LaoagDWHP-FM99.5 MHz10 kWLaoag
104.7 iFM DagupanDWON-FM104.7 MHz10 kWDagupan
RMN 98.5 CauayanDWON-FM98.5 MHz5 kWCauayan
91.1 iFM NagaDWNX-FM91.1 MHz10 kWNaga City
95.1 iFM IloiloDYIC-FM95.1 MHz10 kWIloilo
98.1 iFM BoracayDYSB-FM98.1 MHz2 kWBoracay, Malay, Aklan
94.3 iFM BacolodDYHT-FM94.3 MHz5 kWBacolod
93.9 iFM CebuDYXL-FM93.9 MHz25 kWCebu
RMN 99.1 TaclobanDYXY-FM99.1 MHz5 kWTacloban
96.3 iFM ZamboangaDXWR-FM96.3 MHz5 kWZamboanga
94.1 iFM DipologDXZZ-FM94.1 MHz5 kWDipolog
96.7 iFM PagadianDXWD-FM96.7 MHz5 kWPagadian
99.1 iFM Cagayan De OroDXVM-FM99.1 MHz10 kWCagayan De Oro
102.3 iFM IliganDXIX-FM102.3 MHz5 kWIligan
95.3 iFM ValenciaDXMV-FM95.3 MHz5 kWValencia, Bukidnon
93.9 iFM DavaoDXXL-FM93.9 MHz25 kWDavao
91.9 iFM General SantosDXCK-FM91.9 MHz10 kWGeneral Santos
100.7 iFM ButuanDXXX-FM100.7 MHz5 kWButuan
90.9 iFM CotabatoDXWD-FM90.9 MHz5 kWCotabato


RMN Affiliated Stations Nationwide

AM stations

BrandingCallsignFrequencyPower kW (ERP)Location
DWXL Commando Radio 927 ViganDWXL927 kHz5 kWVigan
DZWT 540 Radyo TotooDZWT540 kHz10 kWBaguio
DWPR Radyo Asenso 1296 DagupanDWPR1296 kHz10 kWDagupan
DWDY 1107 CauayanDWDY1107 kHz5 kWCauayan, Isabela
DWWW 774 Your Ultimate AM Radio Metro ManilaDWWW774 kHz25 kWMetro Manila
DZLT Radyo Asenso 1188 LucenaDZLT1188 kHz10 kWLucena
DYME 783 MasbateDYME-AM783 kHz5 kWMasbate
DWAJ RMN Palawan (Relay)DWAJ-AM792 kHz5 kWNarra, Palawan
DWJA RMN Palawan (Relay)DWJA-AM1134 kHz1 kWRoxas, Palawan
DYRS 1431 San CarlosDYRS1431 kHz5 kWSan Carlos
DYWC Radyo Bandilyo 801 DumagueteDYWC801 kHz10 kWDumaguete
DYRR 792 OrmocDYRR792 kHz5 kWOrmoc
DYBE 1062 SalcedoDYBE1062 kHz5 kWSalcedo, Eastern Samar
DXOC Radyo Asenso 1494 OzamizDXOC1494 kHz5 kWOzamiz


FM stations

BrandingCallsignFrequencyPower (kW)Location
DWSR Power Radio 94.1 DaetDWSR-FM94.1 MHz5 kWDaet
Wow Smile Radio 107.3DWQS107.3 MHz5 kWSorsogon City
DYME 95.9 MasbateDYME-FM95.9 MHz5 kWMasbate
Power91 FM DumagueteDYGB-FM91.7 MHz5 kWDumaguete
RMN 103.9 PalawanDWAR103.9 MHz10 kWPuerto Princesa
96.1 iFM OzamizDXSY-FM96.1 MHz5 kWOzamiz

Note: Table above from Wikipedia.

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