About Us

philBP.com (Philippine Business Portal) is an online platform that serves as a repository of businesses found in the Philippines. The companies listed here are either submitted by the business owners themselves or posted by the site administrators (us) for readers’ benefit – readers who need information about a particular business and the products or the services they are offering. This team always strives to keep the information here updated (you, our readers, can suggest edit if you know particular business information is outdated).

The Team

Jig Peligrino

Jig Peligrino

Co-owner and the head of the technical team at philBP.com. He manages the back-end, web design, and other tasks involving coding/programming — to keep the site running smoothly. He is a professional web designer and system & network administrator with 10 years of experience in the IT industry. For technical issues, don’t hesitate to contact him through email at peligrino.jigs@gmail.com.

Roy Van Rivero

Roy Van Rivero

Co-owner and the head of content management and marketing team at philBP.com. He manages all the non-technical works for the site, including content updates, business submissions proof-reading, content syndication, social media outreach, among others. If you have questions or if you want to suggest edits for a business/content published on our site, feel free to contact him at royvan.rivero@gmail.com.

The Goal

This site was established with two main goals:

  1.  To provide an online platform for businesses in the Philippines where they can publish their company profile and other pertinent business information so that they are able to reach a much wider audience and business prospects.
  2. To offer people the business information they need; this site is aimed at helping them to have access to information on products and services offered by businesses in the Philippines.

In other words, this is aimed to provide a channel that will connect businesses to their intended audiences and vice versa.

The Vision

This site is envisioned to be a user-friendly, reputable platform that serves as an avenue to connect businesses to their customers and vice versa. The team behind this website desires to always provide as accurate and as updated content as possible – the right content that customers need at the right time.